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  • How big is the source code of MHA?
    MHA currently (within the v1.19'er branch) consists of about 17.000 LOC. These are 9 forms, 5 classes and 9 modules (it is an ongoing process to encapsulate these modules into classes as well). There are about 340 controls and about 560 procedures/functions implemented.
  • Can I obtain the source code of MHA?
    MHA is neither an Open Source project nor I have plans to release the source code in the near future.
  • How can I convert plain text (ASCii) files into MHA files?
    Try the -Mortens HostAlive- Converter. This is supposed to be a tool (add-on) for -Mortens HostAlive-. In current releases this add-on has been integrated.
  • After installing v1.18 of MHA I get an "history corrupt" error.
    This occurs when loading a v1.17'er host list-file under v1.18 and applies (in the worst case) to each single host in the host list. The reason for that are changes in the date format. There have been some issues in v1.17 related to the date handling that required some changes on the host list-format (concerning the history).
    However - the host list-file is NOT corrupt!
    Please say "yes" when you're asked to import the host without the history. Saving the host list-files after that automatically converts it to the new format.
    I am truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • Can I show the hostname/IP-address AND the alias (...)?
    Note that you already got the following choices:
    • Show the hosts real address (as provided via host definition)
    • Show the hosts alias (as provided via host definition) (via option "Use alias instead of real name...")
    • One of above including the resolved address/hostname (via option "Show resolved IP-address(es) or hostname(s)...)
    • Alias and hostname by simply adding the hostname to the alias of a hosts definition as well
    • Alias, hostname and resolved IP-address
  • The ping is very slow on some servers.
    Since v1.17 I've added support to resolve the IP-address (hostname) of the server to be pinged. This may take time and/or may even be impossible, if the host does not have an DNS entry (e.g. in the case of printers). If you experience very slow pings on (some) hosts, please either: 1.) Disable to resolve the IP-address/hostname on this host(s) using the host-setup of MHA or 2.) Add an entry to your hosts-file of Windows normally located in the Windows-folder (Win9X) or under WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc (WinNT).
  • Will you implement support for the WinNT "net send" command?
    No, because it is already possible using the "Run an application if..."-feature. To do so, simply choose NET.EXE (normally located in your WinNT-system32 directory) as application to run. As parameters set:
    send COMPUTERNAME "Message"
  • Will you implement support for running multiple applications?
    No, because it is already possible. To do so, simply create a batch- or script file and point to it as application to run.
  • After uninstalling MHA under Win9x/NT4 my Windows shows strange behaviour.
    This is due to a bug in the uninstaller routine in v1.15. It also uninstalls libraries that are needed by the system. Work-around: After uninstalling v1.15 install v1.16 using the installer. The uninstaller of v1.16 has this bug fixed.
    I am truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • The popup-window does not pop-up.
    Make sure that you've enabled the "messaging-feature" for the host(s) itself. (Double-click on the host and enable the appropriate checkbox or use the right mouse-button in the host-list.)
  • The beep does not sound.
    (See question above.)
  • The external application does not run.
    (See question above.)
  • The WAV-file does not play.
    (See question above.)
  • Can I send an Email to multiple recipients?
    Yes, you can. Simply separate the recipients by semi-colon.
  • When I restart Windows, MHA does not start automatically.
    To make it clearer, the feature you're trying to use is now called "Run pinging on application startup."
    To have MHA startup automatically with Windows, do the following steps:
    • Under "Options..." - "General" provide a host list-file to load on startup.
    • Enable "Run pinging on application startup".
      (The application is now configured to run pinging automatically whenever it starts up.)
    • Put a link to MHA to your autostart-folder in the Windows start-menu.
      Alternatively (if you know how to do so) you add an entry to the Windows-run-section in your Windows-registry.
  • I get a "Fatal internal error 429" when trying to run MHA.
    You might not have installed "Microsoft Windows Script" (which is part of any Win98+ and Win2000+ OS). You can download this package for free at:
    (In current versions this error is handled appropriate.)
  • When will you release the next version?
    I don't know. A new release is done when it's done. It mostly depends on the complexity of new features that shall be implemented.
  • You did say you would implement feature xxx in version y.yy, but you didn't. Don't you like me?
    Saying that a feature might be implemented in a "version y.yy" is not a promise. If I think that other features are more important (e.g. because they're more often requested) I might change the schedule a little. Furthermore I try to keep changes in a small area when implementing (changing) features. This keeps the error-rate low.
  • Why are you programming in VB6?
    Because this is the only programming language I do have a license for. For this tool I guess it's a good choice as well. It keeps programming stuff (more or less) simple but does not slow down development.
  • Will you port MHA to [OS xxx / programming language yyy]?
    Not at the moment. I did already a small port to Java, but it's just a first step. I simply don't have enough time to do so.
  • Why are you doing all this for free? Are you stupid?
    No, I'm not (at least not officially...;-). I'm doing this because:
    • I like the idea of freeware. If I need software I (first of all) check the freeware-market. There's a lot of good freeware to find on the internet so I wanted to make a contribution.
    • It's mostly fun. I don't think I could earn much money with it.
    • I'm trying to improve my programming skills and collect knowledge. I believe in some kind of "programming art".
    • Most interesting for me is the source code. I'm collecting experiences in (e.g.) well-formatted, easy to understand code, building code-libraries, getting deeper into ways of reuse and Windows-API etc...
  • Why don't you answer my Email (quickly)?
    Especially since I published -Mortens HostAlive- on for free I get a lot of requests and reports which I will always try to answer as quickly as possible. But it may delay a little. I'm currently working on my PhD and this is always more important. Please understand.
  • Can I help?
    A good help would be if you report bugs, say what you like/dislike, make suggestions how to improve MHA or play with "testing-releases".
  • Why do you grant commercial use/redistribution only on request?
    This is to keep track where (around the world) and how often my software is used. Of course this information is for me only and will not be passed on somebody else.

Final words...


I would like to thank all people that help(ed) me out developing MHA. This (of course!) also includes people that send me an Email just saying they like what I'm doing. I've also received nice presents (e.g. from NIKE Italy) that even make me speechless sometimes. You guys really know how to keep developers happy.

But please always remember that this whole stuff here is freeware. This also means that I'll take the freedom to decide what an when things happen to MHA.
However - I am doing a lot for my "fans" and I'm always trying the best I can. If you're giving me a good reason why to implement or change functionality and it is furthermore possible then I will never say no. (You can see it if you're looking for "by request" on the version history page.) Thanks for your patience.

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